About ClearSoft

Making The Web Work For You.

Purpose is important in life, it gives us direction and motivates us. It shapes decisions, goals and concentrates energy. Without purpose we have no meaning or reason to exist. At ClearSoft our purpose is very important to us and our purpose is simply :

“Making The Web Work For You”

Since our inception in 2006, these 6 words have driven what we do and why we do it. But what do these words mean and how do we live them?
At ClearSoft we don’t want to sell you a website, an app or a piece of software. We don’t believe these things can be stacked and sold from a shelf in an Amazon model. Making the web work for you is about understanding you and understanding your business. It’s about applying our professional experience along with our design and technical skillsets to creating something of use to you. Something beautiful, something reliable and most importantly something that will work for you.

This is our purpose, this is why we exist and these are the principles that matter to us.

Shane Byrne - About ClearSoft

Who We Are

Shane Byrne

Shane Byrne

Shane launched ClearSoft in 2006 with the goal to help small business get online with innovative solutions. With a degree in software engineering, Shane is a specialist in HTML, CSS, .NET, MVC, Webforms, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, C#, jQuery and other frameworks. Shane is the chief architect of bespoke projects within ClearSoft and is very much at the forefront of design for web page layouts and user experiences for smaller projects too.



Simon Whelan

Simon is a childhood friend of Shane and has been our long standing code guru and is our senior developer. With years of industry experience in JAVA, Spring & microservices – he also is a specialist in HTML, CSS, Angular, Spring Batch, Spring Boot, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, C#, jQuery and other frameworks. Simon develops all of our WordPress themes in HTML & PHP and is our mobile app specialist. He is also responsible for quality control on our bespoke solutions.



Simon Whelan

What makes us different?

The world of web design is completely unregulated and you don’t need any qualifications to call yourself a web designer. Many web designers can create nice looking websites without understanding the code that makes them work.

At ClearSoft we are web developers as well as web designers and we are qualified software engineers that follow software engineering principles in how we plan, design, build, implement and support your project.

One of the main advantages that this gives us is the ability to develop bespoke functionality in-house. So for example if you’re looking to transform a business process by digitising a manual piece of work, we can help you like we have helped many other happy clients in the past. Not many web designers can accommodate this.

We’d love to work with you

We love to create beautiful but functional websites and applications and have a proven track record of happy clients. We’re enthusiastic about what we do and will bring an energy and determination to deliver something that will be value for money and will work for you.

The web offers many business opportunities and at ClearSoft we’d love to help you discover some of these.

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