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Bookeroo From ClearSoft

Manage Online Bookings Easily.

Managing an event is not easy, you invest a lot of time in developing and advertising your event in the hope that you’ll attract huge numbers of customers. If you’re successful with this aspect, guess what ….. the phone will start ringing, the emails will start coming in and people will want to make bookings. That’s great but don’t be punished by your success, don’t spend your time taking calls and writing down contact details, customer details and manually processing payments. Phone bookings are time consuming and error prone, that’s why we have developed Bookeroo.

Bookeroo is an online booking system designed from the ground up to cover all aspects of managing online bookings. It can be integrated with your existing website (and if you don’t have a website we can help you out there too!).
The software lets you easily create and manage events, view bookings, view customer details and see useful stats such as sales to date, sales in the last 7 days, sales today etc. and all at a glance. In short Bookeroo has all the tools required to get you, the event manager, away from taking bookings and back to what you’re good at – managing the event.

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Client View

  • Karl Power

    For years we processed orders manually for our Halloween & Santa Train events and it was cumbersome and error prone. Bookeroo has freed us up to concentrate on the events. We found Bookeroo to be a life saver!

    Karl Power
    Glenart Events

  • Nicola Cleary

    We searched for ages before finding Bookeroo, the flexibility allowed us customise the customer experience during the ordering process. We also requested customised reports at the backend to get a better understanding of who our customers are.

    Nicola Cleary
    The Forest Train

Product Features

  • Take bookings 24 hour a day, your doors will never be closed!
  • Run multiple events at the same time.
  • Streamlined 3-step order placement process.
  • We will host the booking system for you and integrate it into your own website design.
  • Booking confirmation is sent via email immediately after the booking has been made.
  • Integration with Realex payments built in, other payment gateways can be catered for.
  • Our backend tools allow you to create and manage events easily.
  • Bookeroo is very flexible. Using the base product as the foundation, we can customise the software to your exact bespoke needs.

Sample Applications

  • Seasonal ‘Train Journey’ events. e.g. Santa train, Halloween Train, Easter Train
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Classroom training
  • Concerts & Shows
  • Sports clubs fundraising events e.g. Strictly Come Dancing
  • Fairs & Exhibitions
  • Public Transport
  • Tours
  • Resources (Meeting Rooms, Parking Spaces, Lockers etc.)
  • Bookeroo’s flexible design allows it to easily adapt to whatever event you’re running


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Admin Login

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Dashboard 2

Dashboard 3

Manage Events

Manage Timetables

Manage Bookings

View Single Booking

Manage Customers

Manage Coupons

Create Coupon

Edit Settings

Front End – Step 1

Front End – Step 2

Front End – Step 3

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