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Did You Know …

  • There are over 2 million online shoppers in Ireland
  • Worldwide e-Commerce sales continue to grow at a rate of 30% year on year
  • Irish e-commerce figures show that we are growing faster – 36% growth in the last year
  • 65% of the Irish population have bought as least one product online in the last 12 months
  • The Irish e-commerce market is worth almost €4 billion yearly

There is a huge opportunity in Ireland at present to generate sales online. Small and medium sized business in particular are well behind their European counterparts when it comes to having an e-Commerce presence. Having an online store allows you to keep your doors open 24×7 and sell locally, domestically and internationally.

If you have the right idea, talk to us and we’ll build you the right solution.

Want more information?

Check out a case study that we’ve compiled on a recent project for Medoo.ie.

When setting up an online store, there are many factors to consider. The design needs to show off your products in the best light. It needs to guide your customers through the checkout process with the least friction and it needs to strengthen your brand and build customer loyalty. That’s where our experience and expertise over 10 years comes into play.


Simple Checkout

We make it easy for your customers to purchase


Unlimited Products

Upload as many products / pages / images as you like.



Invoice generation and reporting.


Mobile Friendly

All of our e-Commerce designs are mobile/tablet friendly.



All of our e-Commerce solutions are secured with SSL certificates.



We provide in depth training manuals for e-Commerce solutions.

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