Premium Promotions Website Goes Live

Premium Promotions is a Galway based competitions website that specialises in agricultural and livestock competitions. The business existed for years on Shopify and eventually it outgrew the platform. Shopify did not allow for effective running of competitions and so the team at Premium Promotions had to do much manual work to run competitions on the platform.

They communicated their requirements to us and we created a lean mean competition running machine for them :). Some of the features include

  • Create ‘competition’ type products within WordPress
  • Competitions can have a start date, end date, max entries, min entries
  • Competitions are skill based – the entrant must answer a question correctly to partake. The system ensures this is the case
  • Each entrant is assigned a ticket number – and all entrants can be exported to excel to allow for a Facebook Live random draw
  • Payments are handled online with an online checkout
  • Various reports and dashboards are available on the backend

Essentially a lot of the manual tasks that the guys had to run on the old platform – are now automated and competitions will run a lot smoother. This is a classic example of ClearSoft making the web work for our customers.

See the result here

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